About Us

ReVamp Contemporary Dance Company is an innovative organization, dedicated to creatively satisfying the educational needs of aspiring, as well as, experienced contemporary dancers and those who simply want to try something new. ReVamp is committed to offering high quality dance services at the lowest possible cost to customers. For this reason, ReVamp will meet the need of their consumers with the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. ReVamp will offer private lessons, group classes and practice dance.


What We Offer

Revamp Contemporay offers a variety of children's dance classes in Greensboro NC. We specialize in contemporary dance classes for kids. Our other classes include Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap and Acrobatic dance techniques. Our students also enjoy our acro dance class where they focus on tricks for dance and core strength.

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Private Lessons

These lessons are catered towards those that desire personal attention in dance. This could be short-term or long-term. This allows the teacher to really concentrate on the best interest of the dance. 


Group Classes

This version of classes are your general studio classes. This allows students to become more comfortable with dance and helps to explore things outside the box. Being around peers helps you push harder. 


​Adult Dance Workshops

For community support and knowledge of true art, workshops will be offered to better the craft of dance. Once after a certain age, adults are forgotten and it's hard to keep up your technique. This will assist in continuing to sculpt this gift.


Dance Company

The Company is for those that are interested in going out often into the community to perform for various events. This is catered mainly towards adults although the option of a children's team is very well an option. 


Facility Rental

There will be other alternate options, other than dance, that students can take advantage of (ie cheerleading, zumba etc.). Other instructors will have the option of using my space to host workshops, additional classes, and guest lectures.


New Promise.

New Passion.

New Purpose.